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Welcome To TEKPLN Construction

Real-time project management and organization management software in the construction industry

A state-of-the-art integrated cloud-based SaaS Solution for lean planning and management of infrastructure construction projects, aligning all stakeholders in real time

Organization Management




Project Tasks

Bill Of


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Do more, in less time

TEKPLN integrates and defines each of your phases and everything runs smoothly from the quotation phase to the end of the project

Friendly and Simple use

TEKPLN's philosophy is based on simple implementation for the end user

Time savings

TEKPLN has created a time management platform consisting of a built-in process format with a communicative correlation between all project factors

Integration between all project partners

A system that connects all the partners from the entrepreneurship, planning and execution stage of the project

Cloudy Fog


A snapshot of all the projects in which the user is a partner. You can switch between existing projects at any given time.

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Entrepreneurship Project

A friendly platform that accompanies the entrepreneur/ planning manager / project manager in opening an idea for a project when TEKPLN emphasizes an accompanying format with simple queries to the beginning of the idea and later more detailed professional questions.
In this platform the entrepreneur receives an indication of a cost estimate as well as an estimated time for the project.

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Mountains in Clouds

Project status

The main page gives an updated and complete picture of the progress of the project in detail as well as the real-time financial stage.
This screen allows the planning manager or developer to examine the progress of each profession individually.
Also, every single profession can only see itself.

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Bill Of Quantities

TEKPLN has developed a real-time communication platform that consolidates all bills of quantities into an up-to-date report.
The bills of quantities lead the project from beginning to end, so that at any given moment, any professional participating in the project can produce / update his bill of quantities and thus allow an accurate update of the overall estimate of the project.

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bill of quantities

Project Tasks

This page presents the TEKPLN format that describes the stages of the project and their breakdown into tasks for all the professions that plan and execute the project.
Each step and task were written flexibly so that each professional could change the caption according to his perception and convenience.

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The library includes every event that occurred during the creation of the project from the planning and performance aspect.
Orientation in this system is user-friendly.
Inside the library you can find all the drawings / correspondence / permits and certificates, etc., created in the project, divided into categories and professions.
The library is accessible to all sections in TEKPLN (messages, calendars, calls).

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There are three types of calendars in the system: personal calendar, project calendar, organizational calendar.
In each of them you can see the tasks / meetings / events of the user


Organization Management

A flexible platform for the convenience of organizational management regardless of the project platform.
Management of the organization includes the absorption of the employee into the organization, management of his terms of employment (contract, salary, sick days, days off), personal diary for each employee.
The organization manager is directly connected to each of the employees.
The organization can produce internal projects related to the organization itself.

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Organization managment

Real-time project management and organization management software in the construction industry

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